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portraitBerlin Interviews is all about meeting and talking with artists and thinkers whose work I find interesting and want to know more about. Interviewees are chosen among the many writers, performers and visual artists who either live in Berlin or just happen to stop by and show their work. Curiosity is the strongest motivation for seeking out a person and asking them to take the time and sit through a long Q & A session with a stranger. There’s also the actuality factor, which is taken into account; most of the time. As someobody who spends a great deal of time in Berlin, I wish to explore it; I cannot imagine a better way to do this, than through the women and men who make it such an endlessly fascinating place to roam through.

In what now seems like a former life, I used to be a newspaper journalist, permanently living in Athens, doing interviews for a living. Since then, things have changed and times are still changing. When I started to miss asking questions of interesting people, this website sprang to life. I sincerely hope that if you happen to stumble upon Berlin Interviews, you’ll find it was a pleasant meeting.

Katerina Oikonomakou


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